Important: busybusy and Procore have different project and cost code structures. Projects in Procore are flat, but are multi-level in busybusy. Conversely, cost codes in Procore are multi-level and flat in busybusy. Before proceeding, please read the following carefully:

What to expect on the initial sync-
The first time you connect busybusy to Procore, we attempt to link identical employees, projects, and cost codes. Make sure employees are marked as employees in Procore. 

Next, any unique items found in Procore will be copied to busybusy. 

Finally, any unique items found in busybusy will be synced to Procore. Syncing happens automatically. 

Time Entries Require a project -
Employees time entries will be pushed over to Procore if its a closed entry and has a project assigned to it. We recommend requiring a project to clock in for employees. f company doesn’t have required projects turned on and employee clocks in without selecting a project, the time entry will not get synced into Procore. Procore needs to have a project assigned to each time entry. Additionally, all time edits should be done in busybusy. 

Finally, If there is more than one entry for an employee that has worked at the same project and cost code, Procore will only sync the total hours for both entries.

Cost code edits must be performed in Procore-
Procore does not allow integrated apps, such as busybusy, to modify cost codes in their system. Due to this limitation, future cost code edits should be performed in Procore, which will then sync down to busybusy. 

Archive a cost code in busybusy will have no effect on cost codes in Procore. However, if a cost codes is deleted in Procore, it will be archived in busybusy.

How busybusy handles layered projects during export-
Since Procore does not support sub-projects, busybusy will map all the subproject data to its parent project before exporting it to Procore. For example, if you have a project named "Johnson Home" with a subproject of "Concrete", all hours for the "Concrete" subproject will accrue on the "Johnson Home" parent project in Procore. The project structure you're familiar with in busybusy will remain unchanged. 

Differing from cost codes, projects in busybusy will be archived in Procore. Note, there is no limit to the amount of projects in busybusy. 

We recommend managing your projects and cost codes in Procore and they will automatically get synced into busybusy. This includes editing the names, details, adding, removing projects and cost codes.


  • Time off entries will not be synced to Procore
  • Descriptions in busybusy will not be carried over 

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