What is new in Scheduling on the Web?

We've added 3 new feature enhancements in the scheduler on the web platform.

  • Customize your schedule details. You can choose what you want to view by default in the schedules, whether it's your daily, weekly or monthly view calendar. Select time, employees, projects, cost code, and equipment.

  • Additional filter options. You can now filter schedules by employee groups, project groups, and equipment category.

  • Employee availability. Clicking on "Only Allow Employees That Are Not Scheduled" removes employees whom you've already scheduled work or break for. It prevents scheduling an employee on two different schedules for the same time frame. You can turn off this feature by unchecking the box.

How to Customize Schedule Details?

  1. From your Main Menu, select "Scheduling"

  2. Click on the Gear icon at the top right of the calendar view

  3. You can now go through each of the three view settings and check each detail you want to be displayed by default.

  4. Select "Apply"

What are the new filter options?

You can now filter by Employee Groups, Project Groups, Equipment Category, and Color tags.


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