We’ve all wondered if our phones are letting someone, somewhere, know too much about us! Location tracking is being used more and more in our daily lives. Uber, Door Dash, and Target Curbside use our location to make our consumer experience better. There are some apps that track your location constantly, but busybusy isn’t one of them.

We aren’t using the GPS all the time just because it’s set to “Always”. In fact, the only reason it’s set to “Always” is because Apple changed their technology in 2019 making it so that apps like ours have to have it set to always if we are going to update your location while you are clocked in. I can reassure you 100% that our app only grabs the location ONLY while an employee is “clocked in.” Even if you, your wife or your boss call us asking us to help find your phone because you left it somewhere, we DO NOT have the ability to EVER track your phone if you are not clocked in. We can tell you where the phone was when you clocked out but that’s the best we will be able to do to help. But seriously, don’t call us and ask because it would take a ton of time and effort to even find that info. 😂

Q: Does my employer know where I am at all times?

A: No. busybusy only grabs your location throughout the day when you are clocked in. When you clock in and out, change projects, take pictures, or have a significant location change while being clocked in we update the GPS pin.

The app is NOT constantly recording your location like a GPS mapping app that is receiving locations many times per second.

Q: Does the app record my location when I’m not clocked in?

A: No. Once you clock out, the app stops recording changes in location.

Q: Can I use busybusy with my location services turned off?

A: That is a question for your employer. busybusy does not determine whether or not you are required to turn on your location services.

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