Cell phones have become an extension of us, at work, and at play! busybusy wants you to feel confident that using the app isn’t going to have a significant impact on your phone’s battery life.

Q: Why doesn’t busybusy drain the battery?

A: busybusy grabs location throughout the day by using technology already built into the phone. When you clock in and out, change projects, take pictures or move a considerable distance we drop a pin and update your (the employee) location. The app is NOT constantly recording your location like a GPS mapping app. Map apps like Apple Maps & Google Maps receive locations many times per second. busybusy uses that technology (thanks Apple and Google for sharing 👍), to be able to see when your location significantly changes, like moving from one job to another that is miles away. But we don’t constantly ping your phone like they do. We see, we ping, we pin, we stop.

A good example of how little battery life busybusy uses is this: comparing battery usage to data usage, on average, Facebook uses 120 MB every hour, busybusy uses 20 MB every month. Our development team works super hard to make sure we aren’t eating up your phone’s juice – we know guys are using our app A LOT!

Q: What does drain a phone’s battery?

A: A lot of things… here’s a list of things unrelated to busybusy but good to be aware of to avoid battery drain!

· screen brightness being turned up

· being out of range of Wi-fi or cellular service

· a battery deteriorates over time (older phones that have had a lot of charges)

· emails being constantly pushed from the server to your device

· default settings that send info about your phone usage to the phone manufacturer

Q: What can I do to make sure my battery lasts throughout the day?

A: You can reboot your phone if you notice that the battery seems to be draining faster than usual. If rebooting doesn’t help, check the battery information in the Settings section of your device. You can set your phone to “low power mode” each day when you start the day. Or you can google “how to make my phone battery last longer” and you’ll get 396,000,000 results in under .073 seconds!🤣 But the first few should help you manage your battery life in a big way!

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