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How to Use "Entries" Within Supervisor Tools

(Mobile App feature only)

The Supervisor Entries page is great for any user that manages time for employees. You can quickly create manual time entries, edit existing entries, add/remove employees, split time entries, and copy time entries to the next day. This article will show you how to use these features.

To begin, the first step will show you how to edit the employees in the crew you're managing.

How To Edit Employees in Your Crew

  1. Click on the 3 dot icon on the top right of the screen (Must be in Supervisor Tools in any of the 5 tabs at the bottom)

  2. Select "Manage Crew"

  3. Check/Uncheck the employees you would like to keep or remove from your crew.

  4. Select "Save"

Note: An employee can be in multiple crews at once. Your crew list is saved to your local device and is not synced to the server. This works out great for different Supervisors needing to have the same employee to their list. They wouldn’t remove an employee from another Supervisors list when they add that employee to their own list. Prevents Supervisors from stepping on each other’s toes. Removing an employee from your crew just hides them from showing up in the Supervisor Tool list so it can be an effective way to remove clutter for the day or week that an employee is gone.

How to Quickly Add Manual Time Entries for Your Crew

  1. Once in Supervisor Tools, go to the "Entries" tab at the bottom

  2. You will be taken to "Todays" entries, use the left/right arrows to jump to different days.

  3. Select the + icon on the screen.

  4. Select employees that you want included to this time entry and select "Next"

  5. Select Project, Cost Code, Equipment, description, and select the "Start" "Stop" time. Be sure to Add a break if needed to this time entry.

  6. Select "Save/Done"

How to "Copy and Paste" Time Entries to the Next Day

  1. Once in Supervisor Tools, go to the "Entries" tab at the bottom

  2. Find the time entry you would like to copy to the next day and select the 3 dot icon>>Copy to Next Day

  3. That's it! View the following day and that entry should be there. It will copy exactly all the details from the original time entry including breaks if there were any.

Note: If your workflow consists of only adding manual time entries for your employees at the end of the day or week, using the "Copy to Next Day" feature will save you a lot of time. Especially if your team worked at the same project and worked similar hours for the week. Start by adding the first manual time entry of the start of the week and then use the Copy to Next Day feature to add the remaining days. Be sure to make any minor adjustments to the entries you're copying if you need to. (for example: if an employee didn't work one day of the week, be sure to remove them from that day or if the team went home earlier one day of the week, be sure to adjust the stop time that day)

How to Edit Existing Time Entries and Add/Remove Employees

  1. Once in Supervisor Tools, go to the "Entries" tab at the bottom

  2. To Add/Remove employees from an existing Time Entry, select the Row with the Employee's names abbreviated or photo is shown (if they have a profile picture)

  3. Go through the list and Check the employees you want included to this time entry and Uncheck the employees that you want to remove from this entry>>select "Save"

  4. To Edit the Details of the Time Entry, select the pencil icon and make the necessary changes to the time entry and select "Save"

How to use the Split feature?

If an employee forgot to switch during the day, you can easily split that time entry without having to edit the stop time for that existing time entry and then creating a new time entry for the second half. It kills two birds with one stone!

  1. Once in Supervisor Tools, go to the "Entries" tab at the bottom

  2. Find the time entry you would like to split and select the 3 dot icon next to the pencil icon.

  3. Select "Split"

  4. The app will automatically divide the time in half. You can edit either the Split Time section which is the time you want the split to happen or change either the 1st or 2nd Entry. So you would select the length of time on the first entry or second entry and the app will automatically put the remaining time on the other time entry. (on iOS/iPhones, drag the center pin left or right to adjust the split time.)

  5. Select "Save"

  6. Now you will see the second entry in the Entries list and be sure to edit any other details to the newly created entry like the project/subproject, cost code etc.


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