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In order for the QuickBooks integration to work correctly, you will need to archive your current projects in busybusy. When you set up the QuickBooks Integration, busybusy will pull your customers and jobs over as projects and sub-projects. 

Going forward, if you want to add a new project to busybusy you’ll need to add the customer and job to QuickBooks first. You can get detailed instruction on how to add a project here: Adding new projects to busybusy with QuickBooks

busybusy's QuickBooks Instructions

To begin integrating your company into QuickBooks, in the busybusy web app, go to your Company Settings tab in the left-hand column.

Next click the “Integrations” tab.

Click the box that says “Intuit Quickbooks”.

Select "Connect to QuickBooks" to continue.

Follow steps 1-6 .

Download and open the file in Step 3.
You will see the following dialog box:

Click “OK” to continue.

Switch to QuickBooks. In the top left corner, click “File” and select “Update Web Services”.

To have busybusy transfer information into QuickBooks make sure the “Auto-Run” box is checked, and that you pick how many minutes you want it to auto-run. By default, the busybusy to Quickbooks Integration will run every 8 hours. 

In the password box enter the password to an Admin status busybusy account.

Select the check box to the left of busybusy and click “Update Selected” to transfer the information.

Minimize or "Hide" Web Connector so that it can auto-run in the background. If you close it out, the auto-run cannot perform.

Return to the busybusy web app and refresh your page.
When QuickBooks is successfully connected you will see the following:

Select 'Payroll Mapping'.
Your REG, OT1, and OT2 fields will need to match the fields from QuickBooks for an accurate sync. Click "Expand All" to edit these fields.

You can now match the Hourly Labor, Overtime and Double Overtime by using the drop-down options on the right.

When you are finished click “Save & Close”.

Your QuickBooks is now integrated with your busybusy account!

Please feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions.

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