The busybusy  QuickBooks integration allows you to link your QuickBooks Item Lists directly to Cost Codes in busybusy. 

Cost Codes can be clocked into and allow you to have more detail in your employees time cards. 

'Item List' is where you add all of your service items in QuickBooks. Customize this section to your own specific needs and how you want to track your projects.

Select “List” from the top toolbar, and then click “Item List”.

Some items will already be listed based on the type of industry you chose when you set up your QuickBooks account.

You can go back through and edit them to fit your needs.

To create a new item, click “item” in the bottom left corner. Then select “new”.

Select the “Type” dropdown to help categorize it properly.

Select the U/M Unit of Measure. Once you select single or multiple, click next.

Select the unit of measure and click “Finish”.

Fill out any other information and click “Ok”.

Once you click 'Ok' the item will save and appear in the original list.

If using the busybusy QuickBooks Integration, your cost codes will automatically sync with busybusy. 

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