To process your payroll, log in to your busybusy account.

Click “Reports” in the left-hand column. 

Click on the “Employee” Report under the Payroll tab.

Review your employees' time cards before beginning your payroll process in QuickBooks.

You can view a specific employee's time by clicking on their name and scrolling through their time cards.

Once you have confirmed that everything is correct, go to your QuickBooks.

In the top left-hand corner, click “file” and then select “Update Web Services”.

Select the check box for busybusy and click “Update Selected”. 

It's important to force an update before processing each payroll, even if you have auto-run turned on. This ensures that any changes made in busybusy are sent to QuickBooks, and everything is correct.

Return to QuickBooks

Select “Employees” at the top and then click “Payroll Center”.

Under “Create Paychecks” double click the date that is highlighted in green to begin the payroll process.

Select the employees you would like to run payroll for. 

Then click "Continue".

Your employees' wage and taxes will appear.

Click "Create Paychecks"  to finish processing payroll.

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