In order to take advantage of this feature you’ll need to ensure you’ve linked your busybusy account to QuickBooks first. Follow our step-by-step guide.

Add a new project to busybusy using QuickBooks.

When you are in the Customer Information section right click on the left-hand column under “Name”.

Click “New Customer”

Fill out the customer’s information and then click the pencil to edit (Middle bottom of the pop up).

Then click “Copy” next to the edit pencil Icon.

This box will appear, click “OK”.

Verify that all the information is correct and click “OK”.

You will now see your customer John Smith, you can add a job by right clicking his name. Select “Add Job” to create a new job.

You can add subproject’s to the main job - click on the main job and then select “add job”. You can even add subproject’s to a subproject.

Verify that the information you are inputting is the same as what you have in the busybusy Time Tracking app, otherwise the information won’t be able to connect between the two.

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