Notice your actual pay period cycle doesn't match your pay periods in your busybusy account? You can easily correct this by following the steps below. This feature is accessed from your web browser only.

Change Your Pay Period Cycle

  1. Go to "Company Settings" from your Main Menu
  2. Select the "Time Keeping" Tab
  3. Select "Change" next to pay period
  4. Select what cycle your Pay Period is on (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly, or Monthly)
  5. Select the day/s when your pay period begins
  6. Select the date you would like for this change to take effect
  7. Select "Save" 

Note: Due to the complexity of different time zones around the world, our system needs 4 days from the day you are making this change to take effect. You cannot make this new change take effect in any day in the past to correct a pay period. In most cases, you will have to select your next pay period. By default, Admins are the only ones that have access to Company Settings. Custom permission levels can be set as a Pro Feature.


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