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Log in to your busybusy account from the web browser (Google Chrome is recommended). 

Note: If you will want to integrate with Quickbooks, do NOT use this method. Once you sync with Quickbooks, your employees, service items, and customers will sync into your busybusy account. Learn more about our Quickbooks integration here.


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Download Project CSV Template

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Projects

  2. Click on the blue + icon in upper right of screen

  3. Select "Import Projects"

  4. Select "Sample File"

  5. The Project Headers CSV file will be downloaded to your computer

Filling out Project Headers CSV

  1. (Optional) Project Number- If you're using a software that currently tracks projects with a Project Number, you can use that same number for your projects in this column. If you don't, then you can leave this column blank.

  2. (Optional) Customer- You can add the name of your customer for each project you have. (this field is NOT what your employees will see when they are clocking into a job.)

  3. (Optional) Address 1 & Address 2- You can add the address for each project you have. Employees will be able to get driving directions to the job with their driving map app with this field filled in. (Make sure you add the city, state, and zip code in the designated columns)

  4. (Required) Project Name- This is the only required field to be able to import this spreadsheet into busybusy. This is what employees will see in the project list when picking a project to clock into. 

  5. (Optional) Project Name Lvl 2 & 3, 4 etc.- We call these Subprojects in busybusy. Your first subproject will go under "Project Name Lvl 2" You can add as many subprojects to this column as you'd like. You can also add subprojects inside of subprojects. This would be your 3rd level subproject and so on. Your next level subproject will go in "Project Name Lvl 3" (Go to step #3 ^^Above^^ under "Download Project CSV Template" to see a diagram on how these subprojects need to be filled out)

  6. Make sure you save your file as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) and you are ready for import!

Importing Project Headers CSV

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Projects

  2. Click on the blue + icon in upper right of screen

  3. Select "Import Projects"

  4. Select "Upload"

  5. Select file from your computer

  6. Your next screen will be a visual layout of how your projects will import into busybusy. It will show your parent projects along with any subprojects you have. Carefully review each subproject is where it should be prior to clicking "Save"

Congratulations!! You've imported your Projects into busybusy! You can also import your Employees into busybusy as well. Click here to read our article, Import Multiple Employees.


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