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Log in to your busybusy account from the web browser (Google Chrome is recommended). 

Notes: You as the admin have complete control of your employees accounts. They have the ability to reset and change their usernames to whatever they desire. If they forget what their login was, you can easily reset their passwords and look up their usernames within your account by looking at the "Details" tab in their profile section.

**If you will want to integrate with Quickbooks, do NOT use this method. Once you sync with Quickbooks, your employees, service items, and customers will sync into your busybusy account. Learn more about our Quickbooks integration here.


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Download Employee CSV Template

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Employees

  2. Click on the blue + icon in upper right of screen

  3. Select "Import Employees"

  4. Select "Sample File"

  5. The Employee Headers CSV file will be downloaded to your computer 

Filling out Employee Headers CSV

  1. (Optional) Employee ID- If you're using a software that currently tracks employees with an employee ID, you can use that same ID in this column. If you don't, then you can leave this column blank.

  2. (Required) First & Last Names- Fill in both required fields. These are the only fields that are required in order to import spreadsheet.

  3. (Optional) Usernames & Passwords- Create usernames and passwords for employees. Usernames must be unique. If you would like our system to automatically populate these, leave both fields blank and they will be generated once you import the spreadsheet.

  4. (Optional) Payroll Rate & Payroll Type- Payroll Rate is the amount of money an employee gets paid. This is their wage. Payroll Type, is either "Hourly" or "Salary" 

  5. (Optional) Phone & Email- If you add mobile phone numbers and/or email addresses for employees, they will get a text/email message with their usernames and a link to download the busybusy app. They will be prompted to reset their passwords.

Note: Filling out as much detail will save you time in the long run. You cannot add the details in later in the spreadsheet after the first import and reimport the new data. Doing so will duplicate the employees you have in your account.
**If you are currently using another software, we recommend typing out the employees' First & Last names the same way in busybusy. This will help you down the road if you're looking to import/integrate with our software.
**Importing the list of employees or manually adding them in busybusy is your only opportunity you have to get the email/text message sent out to them. Adding the phone numbers/emails afterwards in the employee details will not work.

Importing Employee Headers CSV

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Employees

  2. Click on the blue + icon in upper right of screen

  3. Select "Import Employees"

  4. Select "Upload"

  5. Select file from your computer 

  6. Make sure busybusy Headers match with Your File Headers

  7. Select "Next"

  8. You will then be able select which permission level you would like to assign each employee. Select "Next" when finished

  9. Review the information is correct. You will see the usernames and passwords our system generated for you (if left blank in the spreadsheet) along with their full names positions and passwords. (Be sure to take note of this password prior to moving to the next step.)

  10. Select "Save" and employees accounts will import into busybusy

Note: A generic password will be populated for employees if you left this field blank in the spreadsheet.
** You can generate and print a report that shows all these fields (except passwords) by going to Reports>>Employees List (under Misc.)

Congratulations!! You've imported your team into busybusy! You can also import your projects into busybusy as well. Click here to read our article, Import Multiple Projects.


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