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Turn any mobile device/tablet into a Kiosk clock in station where employees can quickly clock in/out, switch projects, go on/off break by using a 4 digit pin and having their picture taken. This is great for companies who have employees work out of a shop. These tablets can be easily mounted and connected to Wi-Fi as shown in the picture below.

Kiosk Mode makes job costing easier. Kiosk can be configured to have appropriate presets for job costing. This is very flexible. Individual projects, costs codes, and equipment can be pre-selected so that when employees perform time actions they don't need to make preset selections. This alone could drastically reduce the complexity of job costing. 

Additionally, Kiosks can be configured to show only a subset of projects, cost codes, and equipment. This can be useful for large companies in reducing the complexity of their job costing problems.

Kiosk Mode provides the possibility of requiring a live image of the employee be taken prior to taking a time action. These images are then process for similarity compared to the profile image of the employees. This can be viewed from the busybusy mobile app or desktop.

Getting Started!

We recommend that you create a 4 digit PIN for every user that is going to clock in/out on Kiosk Mode. We also recommend you enable Photo Verification since it works in conjunction with our facial recognition system. This way, every time users go to Clock in/Out, they will need to enter a 4 digit PIN and have their photo taken (if photo verification is enabled in Kiosk Mode). This helps prevent "buddy punching."

There are two ways to set up employees with their PINs and profile images. One way is to do it on the go when employees go to clock into the system in Kiosk Mode for the first time. The app will ask the user to create their 4 digit PIN and confirm it. When the kiosk mode takes their first photo, it will use it as the Profile image for the user. Both the PINs and profile images can later be edited by following the second step below.

The second option is to upload a profile image for the user in their profile section and create a pin for them as well. Simply go to Employees>>select employee>>Details. 

Switch Your busybusy Mobile app into Kiosk Mode

  1. Open busybusy and go to your Main Menu>>Kiosk Mode

  2. Select "Launch Kiosk"

  3. Enter/Create your 4 digit PIN that you will use to enable/disable Kiosk Mode and configure its settings.

  4. You will then see the "home screen" of Kiosk Mode which is a list of all the employees you have access to track time for.

Configure Kiosk Settings

Select the Gear icon at the top right and enter your 4 digit PIN to configure Kiosk Settings. You will see these listed options in the Kiosk Settings.

  • Security

  • Configuration

  • Kiosk Photos

  • Help

  • Exit Kiosk


  • Employee Verification- You have 2 options under Employee Verification, one is "Enter PIN" and the other is "None." We highly recommend you turn it on. If "None" is selected, any employee can select any user on the list and begin/stop their time.

  • Photo Verification- We also recommend you enable it. When employees go to clock in or take another time action, the app will ask for their PIN (if enabled) and take a photo of them and store it for later review. Select "Photo Options" to decide on what time action you would like a photo captured and the countdown speed in which the photo will be taken. 2.5 seconds is what is suggested. 


  • Presets- All time entries created from the kiosk will be automatically assigned to the listed items. Employees will not be able to switch them. You would want to use this feature if the Kiosk device is going to be fixed to a permanent location like a shop or even a machine. The device doesn't necessarily need to be fixed onto a certain place but rather if you only want employees to clock into a specific project, cost code and or equipment.

The three listed presets are:

  1. Project

  2. Cost Code (if enabled in Company Settings)

  3. Equipment (if enabled in Company Settings) 

  • Filter Items- Only allow certain items to show up in the kiosk

Employees- Select which employees can clock into the kiosk device you're configuring. Great for larger companies who work in crews. 

Note: If you're currently using "Limit Permissions to Employee Groups" the user that is logged into the device that will be managing Kiosk, will only see the list of employees they have been assigned.

  • Other- Click on Advanced and you will be able to disable breaks and switches and under the Filter Items list, you can filter these 3 items:

  1. Projects 

  2. Cost Codes (if enabled in Company Settings)

  3. Equipment (if enabled in Company Settings)

Choose specific projects, cost codes and pieces of equipments that employees can clock in and out from.

Kiosk Photos

This section lets you review photos taken from employees and shows you any failed matches when comparing the photos to their profile images. Use the left and right arrows to look at different days.

You can filter photos to either view All Photos, Matching Photos, and Failed Matches.

Note: You can also view Kiosk Photos from the Desktop by going to Reports>>Kiosk Photos


The help option will take you to our article that shows you how to lock down an ios/android device to prevent employees from using anything other than busybusy. In android, its known as Screen Pinning and for iOS is known as Guided Access. Click on either one to be taken to each article. 

Exit Kiosk

Select this option to disable Kiosk Mode and have it go back to the regular busybusy time tracking app.


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