Notes: You must have the ability to manage time for another user to have access to Supervisor Tools.

If your employees forgot to switch their time entries throughout the day, you can now easily split time entries into two or more and allocate the appropriate time to each project/cost code/subproject/equipment.

Splitting Time Entries 

  1. From your Main Menu, select, "Supervisor Tools"

  2. Select the "Entries" tab at the bottom of the screen

  3. Select the 3 Dot Icon on the time entry you'd like to split

  4. Select "Split"

  5. Select "Time" and select the time you'd like to split the entry into two (the time the employee should have switched)

  6. Select "Save"

  7. Now you should see two separate entries listed. Select the edit icon (pencil icon) to edit the second entry and adjust the desired cost code/project/subproject/equipment.

Notes: You can continue splitting the time entries even further repeating the same steps above if you need to allocate more hours to different tasks employees worked on.


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