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Supervisor Tools was designed for the 3 different workflows our customers use to track employee's time. The tool was designed for the user in charge of overseeing their own crew’s time entries. They do not have to be listed as a Supervisor as their position level to use these tools. They can be a Manager/Admin or have another custom permission level as long as they have the ability to manage someone else’s time. By default, the Supervisor position level should have access to Supervisor Tools. Supervisor Tools is only accessible through the busybusy mobile app.

These are the 3 workflows primarily used by our customers to track employees time:

  1. Employees clock their own time. They switch to different projects, go on/off break, and clock themselves out. The Supervisor will then oversee this and make any corrections necessary for the employees time entries.

  2. The Supervisor manages all the employees time entries. He/she clocks them in and switches them to the correct projects/cost codes/equipment and clocks them out at the end of the day.

  3. The Supervisor waits until the end of the day/week/pay period to manually add all the time entries for their employees.

There are companies whose workflow consists of a mixture of these workflows where the Supervisors manage time entries for a few employees in real-time. The Supervisor creates manual time entries for a few, while other employees are managing their own time and clocking themselves in.

Whichever way your company is managing your employee’s time entries, these new tools will make your life easier.

Get Started By Adding Your Crew to Your List

  1. From your Main Menu, select “Supervisor Tools”

  2. Select “Select Crew Members”

  3. Select each employee you would like to add to your crew (you will only be able to select users that you have permission to track time for)

Note: An employee can be in multiple crews at once. Your crew list is saved to your local device and is not synced to the server. This works out great for different Supervisors needing to have the same employee to their list. They wouldn’t remove an employee from another Supervisors list when they add that employee to their own list. Prevents Supervisors from stepping on each other’s toes. Removing an employee from your crew just hides them from showing up in the Supervisor Tool list so it can be an effective way to remove clutter for the day or week that an employee is gone.

What Are The Supervisor Tools?

There are 5 Supervisor tools that we’ve created to help you get things done faster in real-time. They are displayed at the bottom of the screen from left to right which are:

  1. Timers- From the timers list, you can quickly clock in/out individual users on your crew or do this for multiple users at once using the 3 dot icon on the top right corner. This tool allows for Supervisors to quickly see employee’s clock in state and easily take time actions. If you select an employees name, it will take you to the employee’s landing page and view his/her timecard, view reports, photos & notes, etc.

  2. Entries- This new time entry view is a new design that maximizes your workflow when editing time entries. We group the time entries whenever possible across the crew. Several employees with similar time entries can all be represented with a single entry.  These groupings are easier for Supervisors to manage. By default we show the grouped entries for the entire crew for today, with the total hours worked shown at the top. A grouped set of entries can be edited, deleted, split, or copied to the next day all at once. Tapping a grouped entry will show individual entries if edits are needed for just one crew member. Splitting an entry into two is useful to add missing job costing information and copying an entry to the next day can be a quick way to manually track hours.

  3. Live Totals- Allows you to see what the live totals for your team are. If any of your team members is clocked in, you will see a clock icon next to their time. It gets updated by the minute. You can also filter live totals by projects, cost codes and equipment your team is working on. These live totals include time entries that are open and running. You can also add a manual time entry from this section as well.

  4. Sign-Off- This tab will show you an updated version of the Daily Sign Off Report. If your current work flow is creating manual time entries for employees, you can easily have your crew sign off from your device. It also shows the employees whose time entries are not correct. It is a clock icon that is marked off. This report will also show those who were injured if you have the Safety Sign Off turned on in Company Settings and the employee signed off as being injured during that time entry period.

  5. Pay Period- This tab shows you the total hours for each employee during the current pay period. If your company uses Supervisor and Employee Signatures, it will display a checklist showing who has signed off on the employee time cards for the pay period you’re viewing. It will also let you know if there are missing signatures for the previous period. The pay period tab allows for easy management of the employee signatures as Supervisors don’t need to leave this section of the app to view signatures. They can drill in and view employee time cards and have them sign off from here.


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