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What is GPS Breadcrumbing Technology? 

GPS breadcrumbing is a technology that captures GPS location of a handheld device on a per instance basis. However, busybusy's current breadcrumbing feature only captures GPS location whenever the handheld device's location makes a significant change like switches cell towers or moves a long distance. It is not designed to track the user 24/7. Upper management CANNOT login their accounts and get live GPS location statuses for their employees.

GPS Breadcrumbing was designed to build more trust with employees and their employers. If an honest employee is working and can show he/she has been working at the project throughout the day, the employee will end up building more trust with his/her boss, especially with bigger companies. Having said that, a dishonest employee always leaving the jobsite will see this feature in a negative way since breadcrumbing will capture their behaviour. Our goal is to help create transparency. Breadcrumbing is a tool that employers can use to prove their employees were at the place they needed to be if any situation should ever arise. 

When Will Breadcrumbing Not Be Used?

For the protection of privacy of our users, here is a list of the situations when GPS breadcrumbing will NOT be used.

  • When using the "Break" button in busybusy to take an unpaid break. 

  • When a user is off the clock. (clocked out)

  • When any user clocks in another user. The user being clocked in won't get GPS Breadcrumbed.

  • Using the "Clock In At" and "Clock Out At" feature 

This feature is On by default. There is no on and off switch and is only available for PRO customers only. It will not have any negative impact on the users battery since our app will not make calls to pull GPS locations. Both iOS and Android systems already capture this data and our app retrieves the data from there.
Breadcrumbing will begin as soon as the employees clock themselves in and will end when employee clocks out or gets clocked out by another user. These breadcrumb pins will be displayed in gray in the employee's time entry map. This map already shows the green clock in pin and red clock out pin.

If a user stays in the same place throughout the day, there will just be a single pin for that user until their location changes or they clock out.

If the project has a geofence and employee goes outside the project's geofence, it will show both pins on the map with the project's gefence shown too. You can see a mobile report that shows all the locations that were recorded outside the project's geofence. 

View Report "Locations Outside Project"

  1. From Main Menu on your mobile app, go to Reports

  2. Select "Time Card Analysis"

  3. Select "Locations Outside Project"

You can drill in and see full time entry details to further investigate using this report.

GPS pins will be recorded even if the user has no cell phone service and is offline. The same goes for when the app is hard closed down. 

GPS Breadcrumbing will NOT record location changes if the device is turned off or GPS is deactivated.

How We Plan On Improving This Feature

Breadcrumbing is currently not available to view in Universal Maps. We have plans for this down the road.

Notifications/alerts for supervisors when locations are recorded outside projects will be features we work on next.

We will also work on adding the report "Locations Outside Project" to the web browser. This will come in conjunction with new web features which will take more time to build out and release.


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