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Notes: Available on Mobile apps only. This feature is allowed for users who have the ability to edit time entries either for themselves and/or other users. Custom permission levels can be set on the Pro version of busybusy.

We know it's a bit frustrating when employees forget to switch their time while they are working on different tasks on the jobsite. This leads to inaccurate job costs. With this new feature, you can easily switch your employees' time to a new project/subproject/cost code/and or equipment back to the desired time without needing to jump through hoops. Eliminate the steps of having to clock out the employee, editing the time entry and creating a new running time entry. Save all these steps with this one powerful feature.


How to Use The "Switch At" For Another User

  1. From your Main Menu, go to Employees

  2. Select the 3 dot icon on the top right and select "Switch At"

  3. Check the box next to the users you'd like

  4. Select "Next"

  5. Correct the Project/Cost Code/Equipment and select the desired date and time and select "Save"

Note: There are other areas of the app to access the "Switch At" feature. You will now see the "Switch At" feature anywhere in the app where you have access to the "Clock In At" feature.


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