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Note: This is a Pro Feature and can be enabled and disabled for any user.

Choosing Required as the GPS setting in an employee's profile will restrict that employee from clocking in unless they have allowed busybusy to access their location services (aka GPS) on their phone.

Note: We recommend reading these articles to help you understand how our app uses GPS locations, the users data plan and user's phone battery usage: Will busybusy Track Me Everywhere I Go?, GPS Breadcrumbing, WIll busybusy Drain My Phone Battery?, How Much Data Does busybusy Consume?


How to Require GPS For a User

  1. From the Left Navigation Menu, select Management Lists

  2. Select Employees

  3. Select the employee that you need to edit to open their profile

4. Under MOBILE on the right side you can adjust the GPS requirement

to Required, Not Required or Off


How to Require GPS For a User

Same steps on Android and iOS

  1. From your Main Menu, select Employees

  2. Select an employee

  3. Select the Gear/Settings icon on the top right of screen

  4. Select GPS Location and change to Required

  5. Select Save/Done


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