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No, busybusy will not track or follow you. It doesn’t have a feature that supports tracking. When you clock yourself in, you allow the system to record location changes. The app will record location changes if you leave the initial area where you clocked in, your device switches cell phone towers or you move a far distance from your original clock in location. This is called GPS Breadcrumbing. Read our GPS Breadcrumbing article here to learn what it does and doesn't do.

Leaving the GPS on or having the setting set to "Always" makes it seem like we track where you are 24/7. This is not the case, busybusy only uses your GPS location provided by your smartphone and only GPS stamps your location whenever you clock in, clock out, move a long distance from your original clock in location/switch cell towers, switch to a new project or go on/off break. 

Most smartphones have a very power efficient way of being notified whenever the location significantly changes. Our app retrieves data from that functionality. Every time you switch cell towers, or drive a significant distance, your device records it. Our app takes this opportunity scan this data for notification purposes on projects you are most near to. Our app doesn't ask your device to pull any additional GPS locations since the device gets this information already. 


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