Why did we start charging Sales Tax?

As a result of the Supreme Court ruling in the case of “South Dakota vs. Wayfair Inc.,” and the subsequent changes in taxation rules that allow states to tax remote sales, busybusy will begin collecting sales tax for US-based customers—where required by state law—as of January 1, 2019.

What you need to know:

  • Sales tax will be calculated based on the billing address we have on file. To verify or update your address on file, please visit your account’s Subscription page (Company Settings > Subscription > Update Billing Address). This is the only action needed from you. 
  • This should have been charged last year as well. Good news is we will not be charging anything historically. This will be going forward only. 
  • If you have a Tax Exemption Certificate, please email it to support@busybusy.com so we can update your tax profile.
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