We are excited to share our latest release. It is packed with powerful features, allowing quicker detail on costs, greater insights on your employees, and control of viewership of information. 

Let's dive in! 

Landing Pages

A significant update was made to both our Employee and Project sections of the mobile app. Previously to get to key facts or information it took some digging. Now, you can click on an employee or a project and see a snapshot of the hours, the cost, and take action right from there.


  • The cost is only visible if you have permissions appropriate for viewing expenses.
  • You can only view an employee if you at least have the ability to view time entries and take actions for that employee
  • Editing details requires the "Manage Employee" for Employees and the "Manage Project" for Project permission to be turned on. 
  • The hours and costs go to the activity report details for that employee for the month.

 Employee & Time Card Analysis Report

We want to help you identify risks and incomplete or incorrect information. That is why we have provided two new mobile reports. These can be accessed from the menu on the top left and then going to reports. 

Employee Analysis - This shows health and safety safety concerns, as well as some time entry issues:

  • Injuries reported
  • Incorrect time reported
  • 10+ hour days 
  • No-break days  

Time Card Analysis - Identifies time entries that may be missing key pieces of data: 

  • Time conflicts
  • No clock in/out with a GPS location
  • No Project 
  • No cost code
  • No equipment 

These reports can be filtered for a specific date range, employee, project, cost code, or equipment. 

Group Permissions

Love our groups feature, but wish it was more powerful? Have a big company and you don't want everyone to see everyone? We got you covered! 

  • If your position is constrained to a group, when you go to a report, it's already filtered to the group.
  • You can't change between groups (because your permission is limited to the group you are in).
  • This is a PRO feature.
  • This option is currently off by default for any preexisting positions, and it's also not on by default for any newly created positions.
  • Employee positions can now be filtered to only include other employees in their group. This is perfect for companies that have multiple work crews. Each group can only see the employees they have permission for in their group.

To get started :

  • Add Employees to Groups
  • Set "Limit Permissions to Groups" in company settings under each position you want to limit.
  • Assign the group-restricted positions to the employees in the group.

Mobile Positions 

No need to get on your desktop or laptop to make changes to permissions of your employees. You can now edit, create, and update positions right from your phone. Head on over to your settings and modify or add positions from the mobile app.

Universal Maps

Seeing where employees clocked in, what project they are working on, and equipment they are using is powerful. With Universal Maps we help you get a sense for where everyone started their day. 

  • The default of opening the map report with just employees showing.
  • All locations shown on this map are active status locations.
  • This map feature doesn't show historical location data, just active current locations.
  • Universal Maps is only available from the busybusy ios/Android mobile apps.

It's color coordinated to easily understand what you're looking at. To hide/view employees, projects or equipment, simply click any of the 3 icons above the map.

Green = Employees
Purple = Projects
Yellow = Equipment

You can zoom in and click on an employee, project or equipment to get more information.

You can also click on the time entry to view the full details of that entry, make edits (if you have permission to edit), and view the time history as well.

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