Switching from paper time cards or another software can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be! We have helped hundreds of companies from around the world and from differing trades. Below are some ways to make this as smooth of a transition as possible. 

  • Commit: You will likely have employee push back and it may be a little rough, but don't let that hold you back from moving forward. This is an investment for your company's future. Stay the course. 

  • Start with the why:  Helping your employees know why you are switching to busybusy and being honest with them goes a long way. Tell them how important it is to get timely and accurate data for the health of your business. This decision is about making a profit and they can help in that effort. 

  • Have a roll out plan: Identify the employees who are the most tech savvy and those who are the most willing to adopt a new process and technology. Have them be your testers. The below graph will illustrate where your employees will be in that adoption lifecycle. You will want to pair your Innovators and Early Adopters with those who resist the change. If you are a large company you may want to consider departments or crews at time. 

  • Set goals: Plan how long the testing period will be and have a date when everyone will be moved over to busybusy. Set a goal of when everyone will be proficient at using the app. Don't make using the app optional. This is going to change the way your company operates and everyone needs to be onboard. 

  • Hit concerns head on: 

  • Lean on busybusy: We want to help. Don't suffer in silence. We can provide additional training or help. 

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