If you are new to cost codes, please review this article first

There are two options for creating cost codes: (1) Adding one at a time or (2) importing a list. Below are the instructions on how to do so. Also, here is a list of potential cost codes that could be used. Feel free to download and change as it suits your business. 

Important Note -- First, you must enable cost codes. This is done from your company settings under Time Keeping. You can also require employees to use a cost code to clock in. Secondly, adding cost codes is a permission based function. And finally, if you use service items in Quickbooks, check out this article first

(1) Adding Cost Codes One At a Time

  1. Go to the cost code section, found on the left hand menu labeled "Cost Codes" 

  2. Hit the blue plus sign + on the top right. 

  3. A popup window will appear with three fields: Cost Code, Description, and Units of Measure. Cost code is the only required field, however, adding a description really helps your employees know what they are selecting. 

  4. You can ignore the Units of Measure, that is for a future build. 

  5. Click save and... BOOM, you are done. The cost codes is ready to use as much as you would like. 

Note: You can add cost codes one at time on the mobile app as well.

(2) Importing a Cost Code list (Web only)

  1. First, create your cost code list as we are going to upload a list. Here is the template for upload or you can use this list of cost codes 

  2. After completing a list of cost codes, save the file some where you will have easy access to. Also, make sure to save it as a csv file. 

  3. Adding the cost codes will take the same first two steps as above --> Go to the cost code section on the left in the busybusy menu, hit the blue plus sign + to the right and popup window will appear 

  4. Click on the Import Cost Codes box. Its a grey box above the header "Cost Code Information". This will give you another prompt. Choose the blue box that says "Upload". 

  5. Find the cost code csv file previously created and saved, select it, and then choose open. 

  6. From there you will map the csv headers. After that is done, hit "Next". 

  7. busybusy will give you a preview of your cost codes. Take a look up and down of the list to make sure it looks right. If it does, scroll to the bottom and click save. 

Congrats! You have now uploaded a list of cost codes. And yes, you can add more cost codes if you want to in this same way.


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