Cost codes provide a powerful way to track job costs. They can tell the story of the project or job. However, not all cost codes may be applicable to all projects or the list may be overwhelming for employees. Scoping cost codes to a project makes it easier to ensure employees are clocking into the right cost code for the right job. 

A few important notes:

  • Cost codes must be enabled 

  • If you require cost codes to clock in, then all projects must have cost codes assigned to them or else employees cannot clock in. 

  • Even if you do not require cost codes on a clock in, projects will still need cost codes assigned to them.

  • Project Specific Cost Codes must be turned on

  • These are found under the company settings in the Time Keeping section

After enabling those settings you are ready to create and assign cost codes to your projects. 

  1. Add your cost codes. Check out this article for more on that. 

  2. Go to Projects on the left-hand menu of busybusy and choose the project that will have cost codes assigned to it. 

  3. Choose the subheading "Cost Codes" to the right

  4. Click "Manage" 

  5. From there you can choose the group of cost codes (if perviously created) or choose cost codes individually 

  6. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save"


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