Version History 


1) Group Permissions

  • Employee positions can now be filtered to only include other employees in their group. This is perfect for companies that have multiple work crews. Each group can only see the employees they have permission for in their group.
  • To get started :
  • Add Employees to Groups
  • Set "Limit Permissions to Groups" in company settings under each position you want to limit.
  • Assign the group-restricted positions to the employees in the group.

2) Timecard Analysis reports

  • This new report will help you quickly find exceptions in your time entries. Filter this report by any date range, and also add employee or project filters.
  • Quickly find time entries with :
  • No clock in location
  • No clock out location
  • No project
  • No cost code
  • No equipment
  • Once you've selected a category you can see which dates and which employees have time entries that match the criteria. You can then view individual entries OR take actions on all of the entries that match the criteria.
  • This report is accessible in the reports section. But the report is also accessible when viewing any list of time entries from any section of the app.

3) Employee Analysis reports

  • This new report will help you quickly find exceptions to employees. You can filter this report by any date range, and also add an employee filter.
  • Quickly find employees that have:
  • Injuries reported
  • Incorrect time reported
  • 10+ hour days
  • No-break days (Employees worked that day, but didn't take a break)
  • This report is also accessible in the reports section of the app. Additionally this report is accessible when looking at existing reports within the app.

4) Individual project and employee views have been redesigned!

  • Easily take common actions
  • View Total Hours & Cost without opening a new report

5) Positions Added to Phone

  • Editing positions can now be viewed and managed from your phone, no need to access the web. Access from "Settings" -> "Company Settings" -> "Positions".
  • Customize Employee Positions
  • Add new Positions
  • Manage permissions and determine who can see what data.

6) Minimum App Version

Set a minimum app version for your company. Set the version in "Settings" -> "Company Settings". Selecting a version will allow employees 5 grace uses while reminding them to update their app version. This can be used to ensure each employee has access to any recently released features required by the company admin.


1) Big improvements to maps and GPS.

  • Map reports can now show active employees, projects, and equipment on the same map
  • New GPS Settings can be set per employee to one of the following settings:
  • Require GPS be enabled on Clock In and Clock Out
  • Use GPS When Available (default)
  • Turn GPS Off Entirely for all Time Actions
  • Tapping on a Project on the map show everyone Clocked In to the project

2) Adds support for adding cost codes scoped to a project

  • New Company Setting to enable project scoped cost codes
  • Easily add entire groups of cost codes to projects
  • Project Selection directly drops into cost code selection for more reliable user reporting
  • Scope a projects work to just the cost codes required for the job

3) Improvements to our Daily Sign Off feature

  • Safety Sign Off can now leave a description
  • Time Reported as Inaccurate now includes a link to the employees time entries for the day, making edits is even easier now.


1) Scheduling! Now you can keep your team better organized by creating schedules for each employee. Pre-assign projects, cost codes, equipment or even just Clock In and Clock Out times. Provide as much or as little information on each schedule item as needed, and employees can flexibly add additional information.

  • Quickly create a schedule for multiple employees at once.
  • Copy an existing scheduled item and change any details.
  • Move a scheduled item to the next day.
  • Schedule breaks & work times.
  • Enter Instructions that employees can view, including tappable links for addresses, websites, phone numbers, and calendar events.* Schedule multiple days at once.
  • Schedule ANY employee you have permissions to manage time for. Our scheduling was designed to make employees' lives better. And so it’s even easier for employees to track their time accurately.
  • Scheduled items are flexible and can be clocked into in any order (in case work on the job site changes).
  • Scheduled items give employees alerts on their phones to remember to clock in, switch, take a break, and clock out.
  • Scheduled items also include the ability to see job site locations, so employees can quickly find where they are scheduled to work.
  • Employees can toggle alerts on or off in their reminders settings.

2) Customizable Start and End times for the company! Set default start and end times in your company settings and save yourself time every time you are creating a manual time entry or scheduling an employee. Also, set a default break duration so creating manual time entries is even easier! These custom times are just the pre-filled times when creating a time entry. Anyone can still adjust as needed.


1) Photo Improvements! Photos from all projects can now be viewed in the new photos feed. This new chronological photo feed helps surface photo notes, upload details, and project tags so you can better see what’s going on across the entire company. Additional Photo & Notes improvements include :

  • View Photo Feed filtered by a single project
  • View Photo Feed filtered by a single employee
  • Swipe on photo collections to easily see each photo uploaded
  • Expand notes to see the full notes below photos
  • View All Photos quickly through the new gallery view
  • Export multiple photos easily through the gallery view!
  • Upload a note without a photo
  • Better UI for showing which photos are still uploading
  • Better performance!

2) Daily Sign Off! Our safety sign off feature has been upgraded to be a Daily Sign Off. Enable questions to be asked when users clock out to capture documentation from your employees regarding safety on the job site AND whether their time is accurate. Daily Sign off Includes : 

  • Company Settings to enable and customize either question, including question disclaimer text.
  • Employees can leave comments on why their time isn’t accurate on clock out (“I forgot to clock in - arrived at 630am checked in with John”).
  • Answers to Safety and Time Accuracy can be viewed in the Daily Sign Off Report.
  • Supervisors can still clock out employees and collect employee answers to safety and time accuracy whenever possible.
  • “Signing off” on other employee’s devices is supported through employees providing a signature.
  • Employees signing off on their own phone logged in with their username and password can sign off with just one button press.
  • Multiple daily sign-offs supported for multiple clock out use cases.

3) Labor Burden Updates! Activity reports and budgets have been updated to include support for our Labor Burden feature. Setting labor burdens for each employee will now include labor burden costs in the total cost displayed in the activity reports. Labor burden costs can also be viewed in isolation by choosing “Labor Burden” from the drop-down menu in activity reports. Labor burden costs are also included in the budget “actual costs” calculations.


Offers several new features that will change the way you and your team track time and other jobsite data. busybusy’s new features are the results of a dedicated customer base that help us understand the complexity and details of construction time management. 

1) Supervisor Signatures - Now supervisors can sign off on hours for an existing employees pay period by signing the employee. 

2) Safety Sign Off - Companies can now easily document whether an employee was injured or not daily. 

  • When Safety Sign Off is enabled, each employee must select an option Yes/No they were injured when they attempt to clock out. 
  • This feature also includes a new report that shows all of the employees you have the permission to manage time for and whether they've signed off for the day. 
  • Previous days can be viewed. For each employee, more detail can be viewed. You can see the actual signature, as well as which device was used for the signature, including the date and time.

3) Time Entry CSV Export - You can now export time entries on a mobile device. Additionally, this feature includes the ability to customize the CSV Export options. This feature saves office admin and payroll experts from having to customize time data after a CSV is exported. With this new feature you can customize your CSV’s:- hours duration format- date entry format- column names

4) Advanced CSV Export Settings - You can now enjoy changing options and exporting custom CSVs from the reports section of the busybusy mobile app. Easily customize your exports:- hours duration format- date entry format- column names


1) Updated Dashboard and Activity Reports

  • Activity Reports have been added to the Dashboard
  • Activity Reports for the current week are now available to free users
  • Tab selections on the dashboard now persist between launches. Helping you quickly launch right back to the Clock, Time Cards, or Reports tab you were last using.
  • Activity Reports also now remember your selections between launches helping you get right back to the date range, report type, and data sets you last looked at.
  • Activity reports with date ranges greater than 3 months have received massive performance increases.

2) Need to make multiple time edits?  

  • You can now edit multiple time entries at the same time for a single employee in the Time Cards section. 
  •  Use the Activity Reports Details section to edit multiple time entries for multiple employees, projects, cost codes, and equipment at the same time.

3) New Time Rounding! Keep your time entries simple to deal with. 

  • All actions and edits will be rounded
  • Time Entry Logs show the unrounded time for full transparency
  • Enable time rounding in Settings > Company > Time Rounding
  • Choose rounding interval :
  •  5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • Choose rounding type :
  • Nearest
  • Always Round Down
  • Always Round Up
  • Employee Favorable (Round down on clock in, Round up on clock out


1) Clock-in and Clock-out reminders. A simple feature to help you never forget to clock-in or clock-out again.

  • Set repeating reminders for each day of the week
  • Customize reminders with Project, Cost Code, and Equipment pre-selected
  • Take action right from the notification.
  • Optionally view details before taking action
  • And more…Just go to busybusy -> Settings -> Reminders and press the “+” button to get started.


1) Added filter Activity Reports by group. 

2) Added Activity Report CSV export functionality.

3) Added Activity Report by subproject

*We respect your privacy. Your data is never shared, sold, or used for any marketing purposes, whatsoever.  *Please note that GPS is used to obtain accurate clock in/out locations. In order to provide accurate locations, GPS operates for a short duration in the background after pressing clock in/out. Only the clock in/out, start break, and stop break locations are recorded.  *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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