Position Levels

You can access your company’s position levels if you’re an Admin or have access to Manage Company Settings, by going to Company Settings then Positions. Company Settings is not accessible from the mobile apps. 

There are four default position levels in busybusy which are: Admin, Manager, Supervisor and Employee. You can assign users any position level and assign each position level to as many users as you’d like. Positions give access to certain features you may not want everyone in your business to see, like editing other employees time, seeing wages or payroll reports. Our position levels are in a hierarchical order from top to bottom. You can create a new custom position level and customize each position level on the Pro Account. However, you cannot modify the Admin position level; Admins always have access to every feature.

Pro Account Position Levels

-Customize Each Position Level

The default Pro account permission levels are the same as the free, but you can go in each of the three default permission levels and fully customize what you want each permission level to have access to. Again, you cannot modify the Admin position level; Admins always have access to everything. However, you can have more than one Admin.

-Create a New Position 

There are times when your organization needs more position levels for your team members. You can create a new position and customize the permissions level and assign it to one or multiple users. Keep in mind the positions are in hierarchical order; make sure you drag that permission level up or down on the list.

Free Account Position Levels

Admin Position 

  • Has access to all system functions and has no limitations. 

Manager Position

  • Manage Projects 
  • View Expenses
  • Manage Employee Groups 
  • Manage Employees: Everyone except for higher positions
  • Track Time for: Everyone except for higher positions 
  • Edit Time Entries for: Everyone except for higher positions 
  • Manage Photos for: Everyone except for higher positions
  • Cannot Manage Lock Dates

Supervisor Position 

  • Manage Employees for (Self) & (Others with lower position)
  • Track Time for (Self) & (Others with lower position)
  • Manage Photos posted by (Self) & (Others with lower position)
  • View Employee Activity Report for (Self) 
  • Cannot Manage Lock Dates
  • Cannot Edit Time Entries

Employee Position 

  • Manage Employees for (Self)
  • Track Time for (Self)
  • Manage Photos posted by (Self)
  • View Employee Activity Reports for (Self)
  • Only has ability to view their own information
  • Cannot Manage Lock Dates 
  • Cannot Edit Time Entries


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