Here are some troubleshooting tips you can do if you notice that you aren’t seeing your employee’s time on the web anymore.

  1. First, ensure employees are logged into their correct account. Have them open up the busybusy app>>Main Menu>>Settings>>Profile and have them give you their username that is shown in the Username Field. 

  2. Check the username for that employee within your account to ensure they match exactly as shown. Go to Employees>>Select employee>>Details

  3. If Usernames Match, continue to Step 6. If usernames don’t match, have your employees log out and delete the app, and then reinstall the busybusy app.

  4. Provide employee with the username shown on your end. If employee doesn’t remember their password, reset it for them and provide employee with new password.

  5. Have the employee log in with correct username and password.

  6. Confirm with them that they are clocked in and have been clocking in for the days you don’t see.

  7. If they haven’t clocked in, have them do a quick clock in and out. Be sure to have employee stay clocked in for at least a minute before clocking out. Once clocked out, check on your end to see if that time came over.

  8. You should also confirm if the employee has strong cell phone service. Employee may be clocking in on offline mode. This happens when your employees are working in an area with poor cell phone coverage. Don’t worry though, in offline mode all data is saved automatically into the devices’ storage, despite having poor signal. Hours should sync automatically when the employee is back with strong signal.

  9. Have employee do a hard close of the busybusy app then re-open the busybusy app. This makes the app “resync” when you open it after performing a hard close. A hard close is when you pull up all the apps that are running in the background of the device and swiping them away to “hard close” them. (Performing a hard close is feature that is done differently depending on the brand/model of your device.) Feel free to ask us how to do it on your device.

  10. If you are still not syncing, have employee log out, delete and reinstall the app. Employee may have a corrupt build of the app when it was downloaded.

  11. Have employee log back in and check and make sure if time is syncing properly by repeating Step 7.

  12. If you continue to have this problem and these steps haven’t worked for you, please contact customer support to help troubleshoot.


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