Easily suggest a feature from the Web, Android, or iOS mobile apps. Each feature request goes through 5 different stages:

  1. Feature gets requested

  2. Awaiting Feedback

  3. Planned

  4. Building

  5. Released

Request a Feature

  1. From your Main Menu, go to Support 

  2. Click on "Suggest Features"

  3. Click on "Make a Suggestion"

  4. Add a Title

  5. Add Detailed description

  6. Select "Submit Request"

You will automatically be notified as your request moves along each stage. Feel free to browse and vote on other features other customers have requested. The more votes a feature has, the higher priority it gets. 🏆

It takes time to build a great feature. Our product team will look at the demand for a feature, its impact on our already great app, and a million other things that we just can't understand! 😭 So we can't guarantee when you might see your suggestion happen, or even if. But keep on communicating, we hear you, and you make busybusy the excellent tool it is!


Contact us!!

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