You've added your employees to QuickBooks and have added payroll items for them as well. You see them in busybusy after you run a manual sync through the web connector but their hours still aren't coming through? In most cases, you've probably missed a simple step... Payroll Mapping.

  1. From your computer, go to Company Settings in busybusy

  2. Click on Integrations

  3. Select "QuickBooks"

  4. Select "Payroll Mapping"

  5. Click on "Expand All"

  6. Each hourly paid user needs all 3 sections filled out with a payroll item (regular, overtime, double time) Note: If Double Time does not apply to your company, you can put "Regular Overtime" to calculate there or if you simply don't do overtime, you can have "Regular Time" on all three sections.

  7. Once you have gone through the whole list, click "Save"

  8. Refresh your browser 

  9. Go to QuickBooks and run another manual sync with the WebConnector

You have successfully mapped your employee's payroll items!

If their payroll items are mapped already and the time won't sync, it's always a good idea to double check your archived employees in busybusy to see if they may have another account that is synced with Quickbooks. If they only have one account, try editing the employees name in Quickbooks then run a sync through the webconnector. This helps relink the connection if this employee was previously archived.


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