Use this method to quickly save photos from projects into the folder you desire in your desktop. It's recommended you have your busybusy screen and folder on the same screen so you can click and drag them over to the desired folder.


  1. From our Main Menu, go to Projects

  2. Select a project that contains photos

  3. Select the "Photos" tab

  4. Now you will see folders with different photos in them, select one of the folders you will like to begin downloading photos from

  5. Pull up your folder from your computer where you will like to save the photos to. Its advised that you have both of these windows in the same computer screen. You may need to make the busybusy window a bit smaller to make sure your folder window is next to the busybusy window.

  6. Click and drag one photo at a time from the busybusy screen to your folder screen and let go once you have your mouse/photo hovered on top of the folder name.

  7. Repeat the same process with your other photos until finished.


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