• SHORT VERSION: You are only charged for active users.


A user who has logged into the app, the web, or has a time entry.


On our Pro plan, if all users become inactive, you will be charged for a minimum of one user.

If you have more than 200 users, we can offer special Enterprise pricing, contact us for more information.

*Our free plan is free up to 100 users.


You can add a new user at any time during the billing cycle, we will view them as active and your bill will automatically adjust.

  • FOR EXAMPLE: Leo‘s billing cycle is on the 15th of each month. On the 29th he adds 1 new user. Busybusy will automatically detect that new user and adjust his bill accordingly.


Every month our app will detect which users were active and which were not. When we detect users that become inactive, we will automatically remove their cost from your next month’s bill. We will detect and add any new users.

  • FOR EXAMPLE: Leo has a seasonal crew of 5 employees. For his September billing period, those 5 users logged no time. Busybusy automatically processes them as inactive and takes them off Leo’s next bill.

  • In December, those users log time and become active. At the end of the billing cycle, they are automatically detected and added to Leo’s bill. Their data continues to track, sync, and report as usual.


Each billing period starts on the day of the month you activated your account. You will be billed the following month on the same day.

  • FOR EXAMPLE: Leo signed up for a Pro plan on May 25th. On June 25th, busybusy’s app will process how many active users he had from May 25 - June 25, then his card will be billed automatically.


busybusy Inc. offers annual pricing where the per-user rate is discounted from the standard monthly active user price. You may select the option to choose an annual plan when you first sign up for busybusy or you may switch to the annual billing option at any time during your regular billing cycle.

The total annual amount is based on user credits. When you purchase an annual plan, you are purchasing monthly credits for the projected number of employees. The credits will be applied each month, throughout the year.

If you add users at any time during the year and use more credits than purchased with your annual plan, the credits will be consumed at a faster rate. You will receive a monthly invoice that notifies you in regard to the number of active users for each month.

  • FOR EXAMPLE: If you pay an annual contract for 10 users you receive 120 user credits. If you add a user, you will make your monthly active user total 11. Each month, you will use 11 user credits. After 10 months you will have used 110 of the 120 user credits you purchased with your annual contract.

If you do not use a credit or if a user is not active during any month, the credit will carry over to a later month or the following year.

  • FOR EXAMPLE: If you pay an annual contract for 10 users you receive 120 user credits. If you only have 9 active users per month, you will only consume 9 credits each month. At the end of 1 year, you will have only consumed 108 user credits and the remaining will carry over to the following month(s).


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